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Title A Framework for Multilingual Ontology Mapping
Authors Cássia Trojahn, Paulo Quaresma and Renata Vieira
Abstract In the field of ontology mapping, multilingual ontology mapping is an issue that is not well explored. This paper proposes a framework for mapping of multilingual Description Logics (DL) ontologies. First, the DL source ontology is translated to the target ontology language, using a lexical database or a dictionary, generating a DL translated ontology. The target and the translated ontologies are then used as input for the mapping process. The mappings are computed by specialized agents using different mapping approaches. Next, these agents use argumentation to exchange their local results, in order to agree on the obtained mappings. Based on their preferences and confidence of the arguments, the agents compute their preferred mapping sets. The arguments in such preferred sets are viewed as the set of globally acceptable arguments. A DL mapping ontology is generated as result of the mapping process. In this paper we focus on the process of generating the DL translated ontology.
Topics Ontologies, Semantic Web, Other
Full paper A Framework for Multilingual Ontology Mapping
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