Title A Suite of Tools for Marking Up Textual Data for Temporal Text Mining Scenarios
Author(s) Argyrios Vasilakopoulos, Michele Bersani, William J. Black

UMIST, Department of Computation, {A.Vassilakopoulos@postgrad.umist.ac.uk, michele@sibilo.co.uk, wjb@co.umist.ac.uk}

Session O20-W
Abstract Text Mining is a relatively new area of research, very interesting for both computational linguists and data miners. It involves collecting and analyzing quantities of textual data by domain experts, whose main task is the manual revision of markup. We describe a suite of tools used to simplify the process: the Parmenides System that consists of data warehouse, ontology, semi-automatic information extraction and data mining tools. Here we focus on the Annotation Editor which incorporates linguistic tools that initialize the markup automatically. 
Keyword(s) Data Mining, Annotation Editor, NLP, event annotation
Language(s) English 
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