SpeechRecorder - a Universal Platform Independent Multi-Channel Audio Recording Software


Christoph Draxler, Klaus Jänsch

Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals, Institut für Phonetik, Ludwig-Maximilians-UniversitŠt München, Germany




SpeechRecorder is a platform independent audio recording software for speech corpus recordings. It is implemented in Java in a clean object-oriented design and adheres to established technology standards and document interchange formats. SpeechRecorder allows Unicode text and multimedia prompts, it supports audio recordings via more than two channels, and it features multiple configurable screens. Recording sessions are defined by recording scripts written in XML. The recording scripts can be executed manually by the experimenter, or automatically for unsupervised recordings; progress through the script can be sequential or randomized. SpeechRecorder is based on URLs to access local and network resources and thus allows recordings via the WWW.


platform independence, audio library, Unicode and multimedia prompts, speech recording

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