Multi-Dimensional Data Acquisition for Integrated Acoustic Information Research


Nobuo Kawaguchi (Nagoya University)

Shigeki Matsubara (Nagoya University)

Kazuya Takeda (Nagoya University)

Fumitada Itakura (Nagoya University)


SO9: Emotional & Specific Databases


The Center for Integrated Acoustic Information Research (CIAIR) at Nagoya University has been collecting various kinds of speech corpora for both of acoustic modeling and speech modeling. The corpora include multi-media data collection in moving-car environment, collection of children's voice while video gaming, room acoustics at multiple points, head related transfer functions of multiple subjects, and simultaneous interpretation of the speech between English and Japanese. This paper introduces these multi-dimensional data acquisition activities in CIAIR, and gives the basic information of the collected databases. 


In-Car spoken dialog, Speech corpus, Spoken dialog system, Multi-Dimensional data aquisition

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