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The Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, LREC, is the international event that focuses on Language Resources and Human Language Technologies. It constitutes a major milestone in the life of Human Language Technologies: On 22th-28th May 2006, the 5th edition of this widely recognised event, LREC 2006, will take place in Genoa, Italy.

LREC is a biennial event, organised by ELRA, the European Language Resources Association, with the collaboration of major international institutions and organisations. It brings together a large number of academic and industrial players who are active for the Research and Development in HLT and in HLT evaluation.

In 2004, the 4th LREC edition, which took place in Lisbon (Portugal), attracted almost 1000 participants, coming from 50 countries from all the continents. The previous edition took place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, in June 2002: LREC 2002 brought together over 715 members of the HLT community, who were attracted by the numerous presentations and workshops which covered many different domains in relation with all aspects of HLT In May 2000, LREC second edition was organised in Athens, Greece, where more than 600 attendees participated in the conferences and workshops. The first LREC conference and its satellite workshops were organised in May 1998 in Granada, Spain, and brought together around 500 participants from 38 countries.

The conference schedule includes satellite workshops, held at the beginning and at the end of the week, then the main conference with up to 5 parallel sessions, during which high-level presentations will be given by key players involved in the development of LRs and HLT, or/and in projects at national and international levels. In addition, panels and poster sessions will also be held in parallel. Spoken, written, terminological, multimodal/multimedia HLT and LRs areas will be covered.

In order to gain a high visibility, a number of partners sponsored the previous event. These partners were:

-   Telefonica (golden sponsor) in 2002
-   IBM (silver sponsor), in 2004
-   Microsoft (silver sponsor) in 2004
-   Priberam (bronze sponsor) in 2004
-   Porto Editora (bronze sponsor) in 2004

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