LREC 2006 Conference

The following non-exhaustive list gives some examples of topics which may be addressed by papers submitted to the Conference:

Issues in the design, construction and use of Language Resources (LRs)

  • Methodologies and tools:
    • Guidelines, standards, specifications, models and best practices for LRs.
    • Methods, tools, procedures for the acquisition, creation, annotation, management, access, distribution, use of monolingual and multilingual LRs.
    • Methods for the extraction and acquisition of knowledge (e.g. terms, ontologies, lexical information, language modelling) from LRs, and knowledge transfer among languages.
    • Definition and requirements for a Basic and Extended LAnguage Resource Kit (BLARK, ELARK) for all languages.
    • Documentation and archiving of languages, including minority and endangered languages.
    • LRs for linguistic research in human-machine communication.
  • LRs construction & annotation:
    • Metadata descriptions of LRs and metadata for semantic/content markup.
    • Ontologies and knowledge representation, especially with respect to HLT.
    • Terminology and NLP tools and methodologies for terminology and ontology building or mapping, term extraction, domain-specific dictionaries.
    • LRs for machine translation.
    • LRs for ubiquitous processing.
    • Availability and use of generic vs. task/domain specific LRs.
    • Multimedia and Multimodal LRs - Integration of various media and modalities in LRs (speech, vision, language).
  • LRs exploitation:
    • Industrial production of LRs.
    • Industrial LRs requirements, user needs and community’s response.
    • Exploitation of LRs in different types of applications (information extraction, information retrieval, speech dictation, translation, summarisation, web services, semantic web, semantic search, text mining, inferencing, etc.).
    • Exploitation of LRs in different types of interfaces (dialogue systems, natural language and multimodal/multisensorial interactions, etc.).
    • Issues in Human Language Technologies (HLT) evaluation
  • Methodologies, tools and standardisation:
    • Evaluation, validation, quality assurance of LRs.
    • Evaluation methodologies, protocols and measures.
    • Benchmarking of systems and products, resources for benchmarking and evaluation, blackbox, glassbox and diagnostic evaluation of systems.
    • From evaluation to standardisation.
    • User centered design tools and methods.
    • Evaluation of ontologies and knowledge bases by means of LR-related techniques.
    • Evaluation in written language processing: (document production and management, text retrieval, terminology extraction, message understanding, text alignment, machine translation, morphosyntactic tagging, parsing, semantic tagging, word sense disambiguation, text understanding, summarization, question answering, localization, etc.).
    • Evaluation in spoken language processing: (speech recognition and understanding, voice dictation, oral dialogue, speech synthesis, speech coding, speaker and language recognition,spoken translation, etc.).
    • Evaluation of multimedia document retrieval and search systems (including detection, indexing, filtering, alert, question answering, etc.).
    • Evaluation of multimodal systems.
  • Usability evaluation of HLT based user interfaces:
    • Usability and user satisfaction evaluation.
    • Psychophysical and cognitive evaluation.
    • User experience assessment.
    • Heuristic evaluation.
    • Multimodal interaction evaluation.
    • Evaluation of usability in mobile services/applications, etc.

General issues

  • National and international activities and projects.
  • Open architectures for LRs.
  • LRs and the needs/opportunities of the emerging industries.
  • LRs and contributions to societal needs (e.g. e-society).
  • Priorities, perspectives, strategies in national and international policies for LRs.
  • Needs, possibilities, forms, initiatives of/for international cooperation, and their organisational and technological implications.
  • Organisational, economical and legal issues in the construction, distribution, access and use of LRs.
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