Summary of the paper

Title Low Resource Methods for Medieval Document Sections Analysis
Authors Petra Galuscakova and Lucie Neuzilova
Abstract This paper describes a small but unique digitized collection of medieval Latin charters. This collection consists of 57 charters of 7 types illustrating various purposes of issuance by the Royal Chancellery. Sections in these documents were manually annotated for deeper analysis of the structure of issued charters. This paper also describes two baseline methods for an automatic and semi-automatic analysis and detection of sections of diplomatic documents. The first method is based on an information retrieval paradigm, and the second one is an adaptation of Hidden Markov Models. Both methods were proposed to work with respect to a small amount of available train data. Even though these methods were specifically proposed to work with medieval Latin charters, they can be applied to any documents with partially repetitive character.
Topics Topic Detection & Tracking, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Discourse Annotation, Representation And Processing
Full paper Low Resource Methods for Medieval Document Sections Analysis
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