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Title Cross-Document, Cross-Language Event Coreference Annotation Using Event Hoppers
Authors Zhiyi Song, Ann Bies, Justin Mott, Xuansong Li, Stephanie Strassel and Christopher Caruso
Abstract We discuss the development and implementation of an approach for cross-document, cross-lingual event coreference for the DEFT Rich Entities, Relations and Events (Rich ERE) annotation task. Rich ERE defined the notion of event hoppers to enable intuitive within-document coreference for the DEFT event ontology, and the expansion of coreference to cross-document, cross-lingual event mentions relies crucially on this same construct. We created new annotation guidelines, data processes and user interfaces to enable annotation of 505 documents in three languages selected from data already labeled for Rich ERE, yielding 389 cross-document event hoppers. We discuss the data creation process and the central role of event hoppers in making cross-document, cross-lingual coreference decisions. We present the challenges encountered during annotation along with three directions for future work.
Topics Anaphora, Coreference, Knowledge Discovery/Representation, Semantics
Full paper Cross-Document, Cross-Language Event Coreference Annotation Using Event Hoppers
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