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Title Indian Language Wordnets and their Linkages with Princeton WordNet
Authors Diptesh Kanojia, Kevin Patel and Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Abstract Wordnets are rich lexico-semantic resources. Linked wordnets are extensions of wordnets, which link similar concepts in wordnets of different languages. Such resources are extremely useful in many Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications, primarily those based on knowledge-based approaches. In such approaches, these resources are considered as gold standard/oracle. Thus, it is crucial that these resources hold correct information. Thereby, they are created by human experts. However, human experts in multiple languages are hard to come by. Thus, the community would benefit from sharing of such manually created resources. In this paper, we release mappings of 18 Indian language wordnets linked with Princeton WordNet. We believe that availability of such resources will have a direct impact on the progress in NLP for these languages.
Topics Multilinguality, Linked Data, Lexicon, Lexical Database
Full paper Indian Language Wordnets and their Linkages with Princeton WordNet
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