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Title Rollenwechsel-English: a large-scale semantic role corpus
Authors Asad Sayeed, Pavel Shkadzko and Vera Demberg
Abstract We present the Rollenwechsel-English (RW-eng) corpus, a large corpus of automatically-labelled semantic frames extracted from the ukWaC corpus and BNC using Propbank roles. RW-eng contains both full-phrase constituents for labelled roles as well as heads identified by a series of heuristics. This corpus is of a scale and size suitable for new deep learning approaches to language modelling and distributional semantics, particularly as it pertains to generalized event knowledge. We describe the structure of this corpus, tools for its use, and successful use cases.
Topics Cognitive Methods, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Semantics
Full paper Rollenwechsel-English: a large-scale semantic role corpus
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