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Title Modeling Trolling in Social Media Conversations
Authors Luis Gerardo Mojica de la Vega and Vincent Ng
Abstract Social media websites, electronic newspapers and Internet forums allow visitors to leave comments for others to read and interact. This exchange is not free from participants with malicious intentions, who troll others by positing messages that are intended to be provocative, offensive, or menacing. With the goal of facilitating the computational modeling of trolling, we propose a trolling categorization that is novel in that it allows comment-based analysis from both the trolls' and the responders' perspectives, characterizing these two perspectives using four aspects, namely, the troll's intention and his intention disclosure, as well as the responder's interpretation of the troll's intention and her response strategy. Using this categorization, we annotate and release a dataset containing excerpts of Reddit conversations involving suspected trolls and their interactions with other users.
Topics Document Classification, Text Categorisation, Tools, Systems, Applications, Other
Full paper Modeling Trolling in Social Media Conversations
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