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Title Automatic Wordnet Mapping: from CoreNet to Princeton WordNet
Authors Jiseong Kim, Younggyun Hahm, Sunggoo Kwon and KEY-SUN CHOI
Abstract CoreNet is a lexico-semantic network of 73,100 Korean word senses, which are categorized under 2,937 semantic categories organized in a taxonomy. Recently, to foster the more widespread use of CoreNet, there was an attempt to map the semantic categories of CoreNet into synsets of Princeton WordNet by lexical relations such as synonymy, hyponymy, and hypernymy relations. One of the limitations of the existing mapping is that it is only focused on mapping the semantic categories, but not on mapping the word senses, which are the majority part (96%) of CoreNet. To boost bridging the gap between CoreNet and WordNet, we introduce the automatic mapping approach to link the word senses of CoreNet into WordNet synsets. The evaluation shows that our approach successfully maps previously unmapped 38,028 word senses into WordNet synsets with the precision of 91.2% (±1.14 with 99% confidence).
Topics Word Sense Disambiguation, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Lexicon, Lexical Database
Full paper Automatic Wordnet Mapping: from CoreNet to Princeton WordNet
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