Summary of the paper

Title Identification of Personal Information Shared in Chat-Oriented Dialogue
Authors Sarah Fillwock and David Traum
Abstract We present an analysis of how personal information is shared in chat-oriented dialogue. We develop an annotation scheme, including entity-types, attributes, and values, that can be used to annotate the presence and type of personal information in these dialogues. A collection of attribute types is identified from the annotation of three chat-oriented dialogue corpora and a taxonomy of personal information pertinent to chat-oriented dialogue is presented. We examine similarities and differences in the frequency of specific attributes in the three corpora and observe that there is much overlap between the attribute types which are shared between dialogue participants in these different settings. The work presented here suggests that there is a common set of attribute types that frequently occur within chat-oriented dialogue in general. This resource can be used in the development of chat-oriented dialogue systems by providing common topics that a dialogue system should be able to talk about.
Topics Ontologies, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Dialogue
Full paper Identification of Personal Information Shared in Chat-Oriented Dialogue
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