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Title Resource Interoperability for Sustainable Benchmarking: The Case of Events
Authors Chantal Van Son, Oana Inel, Roser Morante, Lora Aroyo and Piek Vossen
Abstract With the continuous growth of benchmark corpora, which often annotate the same documents, there is a range of opportunities to compare and combine similar and complementary annotations. However, these opportunities are hampered by a wide range of problems that are related to the lack of resource interoperability. In this paper, we illustrate these problems by assessing aspects of interoperability at the document-level across a set of 20 corpora annotated with (aspects of) events. The issues range from applying different document naming conventions, to mismatches in textual content and structural/conceptual differences among annotation schemes. We provide insight into the exact document intersections between the corpora by mapping their document identifiers and perform an empirical analysis of event annotations showing their compatibility and consistency in and across the corpora. This way, we aim to make the community more aware of the challenges and opportunities and to inspire working collaboratively towards interoperable resources.
Topics Validation Of Lrs, Lr Infrastructures And Architectures, Standards For Lrs
Full paper Resource Interoperability for Sustainable Benchmarking: The Case of Events
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