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Title Using Adversarial Examples in Natural Language Processing
Authors Petr Bělohlávek, Ondřej Plátek, Zdeněk Žabokrtský and Milan Straka
Abstract Machine learning models have been providing promising results in many fields including natural language processing. These models are, nevertheless, prone to adversarial examples. These are artificially constructed examples which evince two main features: they resemble the real training data but they deceive already trained model. This paper investigates the effect of using adversarial examples during the training of recurrent neural networks whose text input is in the form of a sequence of word/character embeddings. The effects are studied on a compilation of eight NLP datasets whose interface was unified for quick experimenting. Based on the experiments and the dataset characteristics, we conclude that using the adversarial examples for NLP tasks that are modeled by recurrent neural networks provides a regularization effect and enables the training of models with greater number of parameters without overfitting. In addition, we discuss which combinations of datasets and model settings might benefit from the adversarial training the most.
Topics Document Classification, Text Categorisation, Question Answering, Statistical And Machine Learning Methods
Full paper Using Adversarial Examples in Natural Language Processing
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