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Title SumeCzech: Large Czech News-Based Summarization Dataset
Authors Milan Straka, Nikita Mediankin, Tom Kocmi, Zdeněk Žabokrtský, Vojtěch Hudeček and Jan Hajic
Abstract Document summarization is a well-studied NLP task. With the emergence of artificial neural network models, the summarization performance is increasing, as are the requirements on training data. However, only a few datasets are available for Czech, none of them particularly large. Additionally, summarization has been evaluated predominantly on English, with the commonly used ROUGE metric being English-specific. In this paper, we try to address both issues. We present SumeCzech, a Czech news-based summarization dataset. It contains more than a million documents, each consisting of a headline, a several sentences long abstract and a full text. The dataset can be downloaded using the provided scripts available at We evaluate several summarization baselines on the dataset, including a strong abstractive approach based on Transformer neural network architecture. The evaluation is performed using a language-agnostic variant of ROUGE.
Topics Summarisation, Statistical And Machine Learning Methods, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.)
Full paper SumeCzech: Large Czech News-Based Summarization Dataset
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