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Title A Framework for Multi-Language Service Design with the Language Grid
Authors Donghui Lin, Yohei Murakami and Toru Ishida
Abstract To collect and share language resources like machine translators and dictionaries, we developed the Language Grid in 2006, a service-oriented language infrastructure on the Internet. Although we have put a lot of effort into improving the service grid technologies and collecting language services, international NPO/NGOs are struggling with the design and development of tools and systems for supporting multi-language communication in the real world by utilizing available language services. This paper proposes a framework for service design with the Language Grid by bridging the gap between language service infrastructures and multi-language systems. The proposed framework is implemented as a toolkit, Multilingual Studio, which is open to allow the users to design and develop multilingual communication services and tools in the real world.
Topics Web Services, Tools, Systems, Applications, Lr Infrastructures And Architectures
Full paper A Framework for Multi-Language Service Design with the Language Grid
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