Summary of the paper

Title Network Features Based Co-hyponymy Detection
Authors Abhik Jana and Pawan Goyal
Abstract Distinguishing lexical relations has been a long term pursuit in natural language processing (NLP) domain. Recently, in order to detect lexical relations like hypernymy, meronymy, co-hyponymy etc., distributional semantic models are being used extensively in some form or the other. Even though a lot of efforts have been made for detecting hypernymy relation, the problem of co-hyponymy detection has been rarely investigated. In this paper, we are proposing a novel supervised model where various network measures have been utilized to identify co-hyponymy relation with high accuracy performing better or at par with the state-of-the-art models.
Topics Knowledge Discovery/Representation, Lexicon, Lexical Database, Semantics
Full paper Network Features Based Co-hyponymy Detection
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