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Title From ‘Solved Problems’ to New Challenges: A Report on LDC Activities
Authors Christopher Cieri, Mark Liberman, Stephanie Strassel, Denise DiPersio, Jonathan Wright and Andrea Mazzucchi
Abstract This paper reports on the activities of the Linguistic Data Consortium, the next in a sequence of such data center reports included in each LREC meeting. This report begins by sketching the changing demands for Language Resources driven by the spread of Human Language Technologies throughout the market. One result of the successful deployment of HLT enabled applications is increased demand in ever more languages. This in turn places pressure on data centers to collaborate and form global networks in order to meet the demand for LRs of increasing complexity and linguistic diversity. The report next summarizes the over 100 Language Resources released since the last report, many of which have been contributed by research groups around the world. It also covers advances in Consortium infrastructure that assure the integrity of published data sets and support future collection and annotation. Finally, it discusses recent and current LR creation activities that lead to new LR publications followed by data related research activities particularly in clinical applications.
Topics Lr Infrastructures And Architectures, Other, Lr National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy Issues
Full paper From ‘Solved Problems’ to New Challenges: A Report on LDC Activities
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