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Title E-magyar -- A Digital Language Processing System
Authors Tamás Váradi, Eszter Simon, Bálint Sass, Iván Mittelholcz, Attila Novák, Balázs Indig, Richárd Farkas and Veronika Vincze
Abstract e-magyar is a new toolset for the analysis of Hungarian texts. It was produced as a collaborative effort of the Hungarian language technology community integrating the best state of the art tools, enhancing them where necessary, making them interoperable and releasing them with a clear license. It is a free, open, modular text processing pipeline which is integrated in the GATE system offering further prospects of interoperability. From tokenizing to parsing and named entity recognition, existing tools were examined and those selected for integration underwent various amount of overhaul in order to operate in the pipeline with a uniform encoding, and run in the same Java platform. The tokenizer was re-built from ground up and the flagship module, the morphological analyzer, based on the Humor system, was given a new annotation system and was implemented in the HFST framework. The system is aimed for a broad range of users, from language technology application developers to digital humanities researchers alike. It comes with a drag-and-drop demo on its website:
Topics Tools, Systems, Applications, Lr Infrastructures And Architectures, Lr National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy Issues
Full paper E-magyar -- A Digital Language Processing System
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