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Title Neural Caption Generation for News Images
Authors Vishwash Batra, Yulan He and George Vogiatzis
Abstract Automatic caption generation of images has gained significant interest. It gives rise to a lot of interesting image-related applications. For example, it could help in image/video retrieval and management of the vast amount of multimedia data available on the Internet. It could also help in the development of tools that can aid visually impaired individuals in accessing multimedia content. In this paper, we particularly focus on news images and propose a methodology for automatically generating captions for news paper articles consisting of a text paragraph and an image. We propose several deep neural network architectures built upon Recurrent Neural Networks. Results on a BBC News dataset show that our proposed approach outperforms a traditional method based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation using both automatic evaluation based on BLEU scores and human evaluation.
Topics Summarisation, Text Mining, Statistical And Machine Learning Methods
Full paper Neural Caption Generation for News Images
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