Summary of the paper

Title Corpora of Typical Sentences
Authors Lydia Müller, Uwe Quasthoff and Maciej Sumalvico
Abstract Typical sentences of characteristic syntactic structures can be used for language understanding tasks like finding typical slotfiller for verbs. The paper describes the selection of such typical sentences representing usually about 5% of the original corpus. The sentences are selected by the frequency of the corresponding POS tag sequence together with an entropy theshold, and the selection method is shown to work language independently. Entropy measuring the distribution of words in a given position turns out to identify larger sets of near-duplicate sentences, not considered typical. A statistical comparison of those subcorpora with the underlying corpus shows the intended shorter sentence length, but also a decrease of word frequencies for function words associated to more complex sentences.
Topics Multilinguality, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Grammar And Syntax
Full paper Corpora of Typical Sentences
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