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Title KIT-Multi: A Translation-Oriented Multilingual Embedding Corpus
Authors Thanh-Le Ha, Jan Niehues, Matthias Sperber, Ngoc Quan Pham and Alexander Waibel
Abstract Cross-lingual word embeddings are the representations of words across languages in a shared continuous vector space. Cross-lingual word embeddings have been shown to be helpful in the development of cross-lingual natural language processing tools. In case of more than two languages involved, we call them multilingual word embeddings. In this work, we introduce a multilingual word embedding corpus which is acquired by using neural machine translation. Unlike other cross-lingual embedding corpora, the embeddings can be learned from significantly smaller portions of data and for multiple languages at once. An intrinsic evaluation on monolingual tasks shows that our method is fairly competitive to the prevalent methods but on the cross-lingual document classification task, it obtains the best figures. Furthermore, the corpus is being analyzed regarding its usage and usefulness in other cross-lingual tasks. \\ \newline \Keywords{multilingual embeddings, cross-lingual embeddings, neural machine translation, multi-source translation} }
Topics Multilinguality, Acquisition, Semantics
Full paper KIT-Multi: A Translation-Oriented Multilingual Embedding Corpus
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