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Title Persian Discourse Treebank and coreference corpus
Authors Azadeh Mirzaei and Pegah Safari
Abstract This research addresses the investigation of intra-document relations based on two major approaches: discourse analysis and coreference resolution which results in building the first Persian discourse Treebank and a comprehensive Persian coreference corpus. In discourse analysis, we have explored sentence-level relations defined between clauses in complex sentences. So we specified 34682 discourse relations, the sense of the relations, their arguments and their attributes mainly consisted of the source of the message and its type. Our discourse analysis is based on a corpus consisted of 30000 individual sentences with morphologic, syntactic and semantic labels and nearly half a million tokens. Also 18336 of these sentences are double-annotated. For coreference annotation, since a document-based corpus was needed, we prepared a new corpus consisted of 547 documents and 212646 tokens which is still under development. We enriched it with morphological and syntactical labels and added coreference information at the top. Currently, we have annotated 6511 coreference chains and 21303 mentions with a comprehensive annotation scheme to compensate some specification of Persian such as being pro-drop or lacking gender agreement information.
Topics Discourse Annotation, Representation And Processing, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Other
Full paper Persian Discourse Treebank and coreference corpus
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