Summary of the paper

Title Dialogue Structure Annotation for Multi-Floor Interaction
Authors David Traum, Cassidy Henry, Stephanie Lukin, Ron Artstein, Felix Gervits, Kimberly Pollard, Claire Bonial, Su Lei, Clare Voss, Matthew Marge, Cory Hayes and Susan Hill
Abstract We present an annotation scheme for meso-level dialogue structure, specifically designed for multi-floor dialogue. The scheme includes a transaction unit that clusters utterances from multiple participants and floors into units according to realization of an initiator’s intent, and relations between individual utterances within the unit. We apply this scheme to annotate a corpus of multi-floor human-robot interaction dialogues. We examine the patterns of structure observed in these dialogues and present inter-annotator statistics and relative frequencies of types of relations and transaction units. Finally, some example applications of these annotations are introduced.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Other, Dialogue
Full paper Dialogue Structure Annotation for Multi-Floor Interaction
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