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Title The LIA Treebank of Spoken Norwegian Dialects
Authors Lilja Øvrelid, Andre Kåsen, Kristin Hagen, Anders Nøklestad, Per Erik Solberg and Janne Bondi Johannessen
Abstract This article presents the LIA treebank of transcribed spoken Norwegian dialects. It consists of dialect recordings made in the period between 1950--1990, which have been digitised, transcribed, and subsequently annotated with morphological and dependency-style syntactic analysis as part of the LIA (Language Infrastructure made Accessible) project at the University of Oslo. In this article, we describe the LIA material of dialect recordings and its transcription, transliteration and further morphosyntactic annotation. We focus in particular on the extension of the native NDT annotation scheme to spoken language phenomena, such as pauses and various types of disfluencies, and present the subsequent conversion of the treebank to the Universal Dependencies scheme. The treebank currently consists of 13,608 tokens, distributed over 1396 segments taken from three different dialects of spoken Norwegian. The LIA treebank annotation is an on-going effort and future releases will extend on the current data set.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Other
Full paper The LIA Treebank of Spoken Norwegian Dialects
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