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Title Neural Models of Selectional Preferences for Implicit Semantic Role Labeling
Authors Minh Le and Antske Fokkens
Abstract Implicit Semantic Role Labeling is a challenging task: it requires high-level understanding of the text while annotated data is very limited. Due to the lack of training data, most researches either resort to simplistic machine learning methods or focus on automatically acquiring training data. In this paper, we explore the possibilities of using more complex and expressive machine learning models trained on a large amount of explicit roles. In addition, we compare the impact of one-way and multi-way selectional preference with the hypothesis that the added information in multi-way models are beneficial. Although our models surpass a baseline that uses prototypical vectors for SemEval-2010, we otherwise face mostly negative results. Selectional preference models perform lower than the baseline on ON5V, a dataset of five ambiguous and frequent verbs. They are also outperformed by the Na ̈ıve Bayes model of Feizabadi and Pado (2015) on both datasets. Even though multi-way selectional preference improves results for predicting explicit semantic roles compared to one-way selectional preference, it harms performance for implicit roles. We release our source code, including the reimplementation of two previously unavailable systems to enable further experimentation.
Topics Language Modelling, Tools, Systems, Applications, Semantics
Full paper Neural Models of Selectional Preferences for Implicit Semantic Role Labeling
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