Summary of the paper

Title A supervised approach to taxonomy extraction using word embeddings
Authors Rajdeep Sarkar, John Philip McCrae and Paul Buitelaar
Abstract Large collections of texts are commonly generated by large organizations and making sense of these collections of texts is a significant challenge. One method for handling this is to organize the concepts into a hierarchical structure such that similar concepts can be discovered and easily browsed. This approach was the subject of a recent evaluation campaign, TExEval, however the results of this task showed that none of the systems consistently outperformed a relatively simple baseline.In order to solve this issue, we propose a new method that uses supervised learning to combine multiple features with a support vector machine classifier including the baseline features. We show that this outperforms the baseline and thus provides a stronger method for identifying taxonomic relations than previous methods
Topics Knowledge Discovery/Representation, Text Mining, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval
Full paper A supervised approach to taxonomy extraction using word embeddings
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