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Title EmotionLines: An Emotion Corpus of Multi-Party Conversations
Authors Chao-Chun Hsu, Sheng-Yeh Chen, Chuan-Chun Kuo, Ting-Hao Huang and Lun-Wei Ku
Abstract Feeling emotion is a critical characteristic to distinguish people from machines. Among all the multi-modal resources for emotion detection, textual datasets are those containing the least additional information in addition to semantics, and hence are adopted widely for testing the developed systems. However, most of the textual emotional datasets consist of emotion labels of only individual words, sentences or documents, which makes it challenging to discuss the contextual flow of emotions. In this paper, we introduce EmotionLines, the first dataset with emotions labeling on all utterances in each dialogue only based on their textual content. Dialogues in EmotionLines are collected from Friends TV scripts and private Facebook messenger dialogues. Then one of seven emotions, six Ekman’s basic emotions plus the neutral emotion, is labeled on each utterance by 5 Amazon MTurkers. A total of 29,245 utterances from 2,000 dialogues are labeled in EmotionLines. We also provide several strong baselines for emotion detection models on EmotionLines in this paper.
Topics Emotion Recognition/Generation, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Other
Full paper EmotionLines: An Emotion Corpus of Multi-Party Conversations
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