Summary of the paper

Title The First 100 Days: A Corpus Of Political Agendas on Twitter
Authors Nathan Green and Septina Larasati
Abstract The first 100 days corpus is a curated corpus of the first 100 days of the United States of America's President and the Senate. During the first 100 days, the political parties in the USA try to push their agendas for the upcoming year under the new President. As communication has changed this is primarily being done on Twitter so that the President and Senators can communicate directly with their constituents. We analyzed the current President along with 100 Senators ranging the political spectrum to see the differences in their language usage. The creation of this corpus is intended to help Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Political Science research studying the changing political climate during a shift in power through language. To help accomplish this, the corpus is harvested and normalized in multiple formats. As well, we include gold standard part-of-speech tags for selected individuals including the President. Through analysis of the text, a clear distinction between political parties can be found. This analysis shows the important item of their political agendas during the first 100 days of a new party in power.
Topics Social Media Processing, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Other
Full paper The First 100 Days: A Corpus Of Political Agendas on Twitter
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