Summary of the paper

Title A Parser for LTAG and Frame Semantics
Authors David Arps and Simon Petitjean
Abstract Since the idea of combining Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammars (LTAG) and frame semantics was proposed (Kallmeyer and Osswald, 2013), a set of resources of this type has been created. These grammars are composed of pairs of elementary trees and frames, where syntactic and semantic arguments are linked using unification variables. This allows to build semantic representations when parsing, by composing the frames according to the combination of the elementary trees. However, the lack of a parser using such grammars makes it complicated to check whether these resources are correct implementations of the theory or not. The development of larger resources, that is to say large-coverage grammars, is also conditioned by the existence of such a parser. In this paper, we present our solution to this problem, namely an extension of the TuLiPA parser with frame semantics. We also present the frameworks used to build the resources used by the parser: the theoretical framework, composed of LTAG and frame semantics, and the software framework, XMG2.
Topics Tools, Systems, Applications, Grammar And Syntax, Semantics
Full paper A Parser for LTAG and Frame Semantics
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