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Title Extended HowNet 2.0 – An Entity-Relation Common-Sense Representation Model
Authors Wei-Yun Ma and Yueh-Yin Shih
Abstract In this paper, we propose Extended HowNet 2.0 – an entity-relation common-sense representation model. Comparing to HowNet and Extended HowNet, E-HowNet 2.0 has the following improvements: (a) Reorganizing the hierarchical structure of primitives and basic concepts; (b) Rich lexical information: In addition to sense definition, each entry of lexical sense may also include operational expressions as well as semantic functions which facilitate future semantic composition processes. (c) Improvement of sense definitions and sense definitions for basic concepts. (d) Developing a new automatic ontology reconstruction system. (e) Developing a query system called E-HowNet Relation Database for flexibly clustering concepts.We hope Extended HowNet 2.0 can bring significant benefits to the community of lexical semantics and natural language understanding.
Topics Ontologies, Tools, Systems, Applications, Lexicon, Lexical Database
Full paper Extended HowNet 2.0 – An Entity-Relation Common-Sense Representation Model
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