Summary of the paper

Title Automatic Enrichment of Terminological Resources: the IATE RDF Example
Authors Mihael Arcan, Elena Montiel-Ponsoda, John Philip McCrae and Paul Buitelaar
Abstract Terminological resources have proven necessary in many organizations and institutions to ensure communication between experts. However, the maintenance of these resources is a very time-consuming and expensive process. Therefore, the work described in this contribution aims to automate the maintenance process of such resources. As an example, we demonstrate enriching the RDF version of IATE with new terms in the languages for which no translation was available, as well as with domain-disambiguated sentences and information about usage frequency. This is achieved by relying on machine translation trained on parallel corpora that contains the terms in question and multilingual word sense disambiguation performed on the context provided by the sentences. Our results show that for most languages translating the terms within a disambiguated context significantly outperforms the approach with randomly selected sentences.
Topics Multilinguality, Linked Data, Lexicon, Lexical Database
Full paper Automatic Enrichment of Terminological Resources: the IATE RDF Example
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