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Title Evaluating EcoLexiCAT: a Terminology-Enhanced CAT Tool
Authors Pilar León-Araúz and Arianne Reimerink
Abstract EcoLexiCAT is a web-based tool for the terminology-enhanced translation of specialized environmental texts for the language combination English-Spanish-English. It uses the open source version of the web-based CAT tool MateCat and enriches a source text with information from: (1) EcoLexicon, a multimodal and multilingual terminological knowledge base on the environment (Faber et al., 2014; Faber et al., 2016); (2) BabelNet, an automatically constructed multilingual encyclopedic dictionary and semantic network (Navigli & Ponzetto, 2012); (3) Sketch Engine, the well-known corpus query system (Kilgarriff et al., 2004); (4) IATE, the multilingual glossary of the European Commission; and (4) other external resources (i.e. Wikipedia, Collins, Wordreference, Linguee, etc.) that can also be customized by the user. The tool was built with the aim of integrating terminology management – often considered complex and time-consuming – in the translation workflow of a CAT tool. In this paper, EcoLexiCAT is described along the procedure with which it was evaluated and the results of the evaluation.
Topics Usability, User Satisfaction, Tools, Systems, Applications, Lexicon, Lexical Database
Full paper Evaluating EcoLexiCAT: a Terminology-Enhanced CAT Tool
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