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Title A Morphologically Annotated Corpus of Emirati Arabic
Authors Salam Khalifa, Nizar Habash, Fadhl Eryani, Ossama Obeid, Dana Abdulrahim and Meera Al Kaabi
Abstract We present an ongoing effort on the first large-scale morphologically manually annotated corpus of Emirati Arabic. This corpus includes about 200,000 words selected from eight Gumar corpus novels from the Emirati Arabic variety. The selected texts are being annotated for tokenization, part-of-speech, lemmatization, English glosses and dialect identification. The orthography of the text is also adjusted for errors and inconsistencies. We discuss the guidelines for each part of the annotation components and the annotation interface we use. We report on the quality of the annotation through an inter annotator agreement measure.
Topics Morphology, Part-Of-Speech Tagging, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.)
Full paper A Morphologically Annotated Corpus of Emirati Arabic
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