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Title New directions in ELRA activities
Authors Valérie Mapelli, Victoria Arranz, Hélène Mazo, Pawel Kamocki and Vladimir Popescu
Abstract Beyond the generic activities (cataloguing, producing, distribution of Language Resources, dissemination of information, etc.) that make the overall ELRA mission an indispensable middle-man in the field of Language Resources (LRs), new directions of work are now being undertaken so as to answer the needs of this ever-moving community. This impacts the structure and the operating model of the association per se with the creation of a new technical committee dealing with Less-Resourced Languages and the modification of the ELRA membership policy. It also intrinsically impacts the axes of work at all steps of activities: offering new tools for sharing LRs and related information, adapting to new legal requirements, producing and offering field-specific data. This paper addresses these new directions and describes ELRA (and its operational body ELDA) regular activities updates. Future activities are also reported in the last part of the article. They consist in ongoing projects like the ELRC initiative, the start of another CEF-funded project, the European Language Resource Infrastructure (ELRI), the updating of the Review of existing Language Resources for languages of France, and the continuation of the ELRA Catalogue development.
Topics Other, Lr Infrastructures And Architectures, Lr National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy Issues
Full paper New directions in ELRA activities
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