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Title Signbank: Software to Support Web Based Dictionaries of Sign Language
Authors Steve Cassidy, Onno Crasborn, Henri Nieminen, Wessel Stoop, Micha Hulsbosch, Susan Even, Erwin Komen and Trevor Johnson
Abstract Signbank is a web application that was originally built to support the Auslan Signbank on-line web dictionary, it was an Open Source re-implementation of an earlier version of that site. The application provides a framework for the development of a rich lexical database of sign language augmented with video samples of signs. As an Open Source project, the original Signbank has formed the basis of a number of new sign language dictionaries and corpora including those for British Sign Language, Sign Language of the Netherlands and Finnish Sign Language. Versions are under development for American Sign Language and Flemish Sign Language. This paper describes the overall architecture of the Signbank system and its representation of lexical entries and associated entities.
Topics Web Services, Tools, Systems, Applications, Lexicon, Lexical Database
Full paper Signbank: Software to Support Web Based Dictionaries of Sign Language
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