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Title Discriminating between Similar Languages on Imbalanced Conversational Texts
Authors Junqing He, Xian Huang, Xuemin Zhao, Yan Zhang and Yonghong Yan
Abstract Discriminating between similar languages (DSL) on conversational texts is a challenging task. This paper aims at discriminating between limited-resource languages on short conversational texts, like Uyghur and Kazakh. Considering that Uyghur and Kazakh data are severely imbalanced, we leverage an effective compensation strategy to build a balanced Uyghur and Kazakh corpus. Then we construct a maximum entropy classifier based on morphological features to discriminate between the two languages and investigate the contribution of each feature. Empirical results suggest that our system achieves an accuracy of 95.7\% on our Uyghur and Kazakh dataset, which is higher than that of the CNN classifier. We also apply our system to the out-of-domain subtask of VarDial' 2016 DSL shared tasks to test the system's performance on short conversational texts of other similar languages. Though with much less preprocessing, our system outperforms the champions on both test sets B1 and B2.
Topics Language Identification, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Other
Full paper Discriminating between Similar Languages on Imbalanced Conversational Texts
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