Summary of the paper

Title An Information-Providing Closed-Domain Human-Agent Interaction Corpus
Authors Jelte Van Waterschoot, Guillaume Dubuisson Duplessis, Lorenzo Gatti, Merijn Bruijnes and Dirk Heylen
Abstract The contribution of this paper is twofold: 1) we provide a public corpus for Human-Agent Interaction (where the agent is controlled by a Wizard of Oz) and 2) we show a study on verbal alignment in Human-Agent Interaction, to exemplify the corpus' use. In our recordings for the Human-Agent Interaction Alice-corpus (HAI Alice-corpus), participants talked to a wizarded agent, who provided them with information about the book Alice in Wonderland and its author. The wizard had immediate and almost full control over the agent's verbal and nonverbal behavior, as the wizard provided the agent's speech through his own voice and his facial expressions were directly copied onto the agent. The agent's hand gestures were controlled through a button interface. Data was collected to create a corpus with unexpected situations, such as misunderstandings, (accidental) false information, and interruptions. The HAI Alice-corpus consists of transcribed audio-video recordings of 15 conversations (more than 900 utterances) between users and the wizarded agent. As a use-case example, we measured the verbal alignment between the user and the agent. The paper contains information about the setup of the data collection, the unexpected situations and a description of our verbal alignment study.
Topics Question Answering, Evaluation Methodologies, Dialogue
Full paper An Information-Providing Closed-Domain Human-Agent Interaction Corpus
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