Summary of the paper

Title Semi-Supervised Clustering for Short Answer Scoring
Authors Andrea Horbach and Manfred Pinkal
Abstract This paper investigates the use of semi-supervised clustering for Short Answer Scoring (SAS). In SAS, clustering techniques are an attractive alternative to classification because they provide structured groups of answers in addition to a score. Previous approaches use unsupervised clustering and have teachers label some items after clustering. We propose to re-allocate some of the human annotation effort to before and during the clustering process for (i) feature selection, (ii) for creating pairwise constraints and (iii) for metric learning. Our methods improve clustering performance substantially from 0.504 kappa for unsupervised clustering to 0.566.
Topics Document Classification, Text Categorisation, Statistical And Machine Learning Methods, Computer-Assisted Language Learning (Call)
Full paper Semi-Supervised Clustering for Short Answer Scoring
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