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Title BioRo: The Biomedical Corpus for the Romanian Language
Authors Maria Mitrofan and Dan Tufis
Abstract The biomedical domain provides a large amount of linguistic resources usable for biomedical text mining. While most of the resources used in biomedical Natural Language Processing are available for English, for other languages including Romanian the access to language resources is not straight-forward. In this paper, we present the biomedical corpus of the Romanian language, which is a valuable linguistic asset for biomedical text mining. This corpus was collected in the contexts of CoRoLa project, the reference corpus for the contemporary Romanian language. We also provide informative statistics about the corpus, a description of the data-composition. The annotation process of the corpus is also presented. Furthermore, we present the fraction of the corpus which will be made publicly available to the community without copyright restrictions.
Topics Part-Of-Speech Tagging, Acquisition, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.)
Full paper BioRo: The Biomedical Corpus for the Romanian Language
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