Summary of the paper

Title The Reference Corpus of the Contemporary Romanian Language (CoRoLa)
Authors Verginica Barbu Mititelu, Dan Tufiș and Elena Irimia
Abstract We present here the largest publicly available corpus of Romanian. Its written component contains 1,257,752,812 tokens, distributed, in an unbalanced way, in several language styles (legal, administrative, scientific, journalistic, imaginative, memoirs, blogposts), in four domains (arts and culture, nature, society, science) and in 71 subdomains. The oral component consists of almost 152 hours of recordings, with associated transcribed texts. All files have CMDI metadata associated. The written texts are automatically sentence-split, tokenized, part-of-speech tagged, lemmatized; a part of them are also syntactically annotated. The oral files are aligned with their corresponding transcriptions at word-phoneme level. The transcriptions are also automatically part-of-speech tagged, lemmatised and syllabified. CoRoLa contains original, IPR-cleared texts and is representative for the contemporary phase of the language, covering mostly the last 20 years. Its written component can be queried using the KorAP corpus management platform, whereas the oral component can be queried via its written counterpart, followed by the possibility of listening to the results of the query, using an in-house tool.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Other, Lr National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy Issues
Full paper The Reference Corpus of the Contemporary Romanian Language (CoRoLa)
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