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Title A Parallel Corpus of Arabic-Japanese News Articles
Authors Go Inoue, Nizar Habash, Yuji Matsumoto and Hiroyuki Aoyama
Abstract Much work has been done on machine translation between major language pairs including Arabic-English and English-Japanese thanks to the availability of large-scale parallel corpora with manually verified subsets of parallel sentences. However, there has been little research conducted on the Arabic-Japanese language pair due to its parallel-data scarcity, despite being a good example of interestingly contrasting differences in typology. In this paper, we describe the creation process and statistics of the Arabic-Japanese portion of the TUFS Media Corpus, a parallel corpus of translated news articles collected at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS). Part of the corpus is manually aligned at the sentence level for development and testing. The corpus is provided in two formats: A document-level parallel corpus in XML format, and a sentence-level parallel corpus in plain text format. We also report the first results of Arabic-Japanese phrase-based machine translation trained on our corpus.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Other
Full paper A Parallel Corpus of Arabic-Japanese News Articles
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