Summary of the paper

Title A Bird’s-eye View of Language Processing Projects at the Romanian Academy
Authors Dan Tufiș and Cristea Dan
Abstract This article gives a general overview of five AI language-related projects that address contemporary Romanian language, in both textual and speech form, language related applications, as well as collections of old historic documents and medical archives. Namely, these projects deal with: the creation of a contemporary Romanian language text and speech corpus, resources and technologies for developing human-machine interfaces in spoken Romanian, digitization and transcription of old Romanian language documents drafted in Cyrillic into the modern Latin alphabet, digitization of the oldest archive of diabetes medical records and dialogue systems with personal robots and autonomous vehicles. The technologies involved for attaining the objectives range from image processing (intelligent character recognition for hand-writing and old Romanian documents) to natural language and speech processing techniques (corpus compiling and documentation, multi-level processing, transliteration of different old scripts into modern Romanian, command language processing, various levels of speech-text alignments, ASR, TTS, keyword spotting, etc.). Some of these projects are approaching the end, others have just started and others are about to start. All the reported projects are national ones, less documented than the international projects we are/were engaged in, and involve large teams of experts and master/PhD students from computer science, mathematics, linguistics, philology and library sciences.
Topics Speech Resource/Database, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Lr National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy Issues
Full paper A Bird’s-eye View of Language Processing Projects at the Romanian Academy
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