Summary of the paper

Title Building A Handwritten Cuneiform Character Imageset
Authors Kenji Yamauchi, Hajime Yamamoto and Wakaha Mori
Abstract Digitization of cuneiform documents is important to boost the research activity on ancient Middle East and some projects have been launched in around 2,000. However, the digitization process is laborious due to the huge scale of the documents and no trustful (semi- )automatic method has established. In this paper, we focused on a cuneiform document digitization task, realization of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) method from the handwritten copies of original materials. Currently, as the first step toward development of such methods, we are constructing a handwritten cuneiform character imageset named with professional assistance. This imageset contains typical stroke patterns for handwriting each frequently appearing cuneiform character and will be able to support the development of handwritten cuneiform OCR system.
Topics Optical Character Recognition, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Other
Full paper Building A Handwritten Cuneiform Character Imageset
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