Summary of the paper

Title A corpus of German political speeches from the 21st century
Authors Adrien Barbaresi
Abstract The present German political speeches corpus follows from a initial release which has been used in various research contexts. This article documents an updated and extended version: as 2017 marks the end of a legislative period, the corpus now includes the four highest ranked functions on federal state level. Besides providing a citable reference for this resource, the main contributions are (1) an extensive description of the corpus to be released and (2) the description of an interface to navigate through the texts, designed for researchers beyond the corpus and computational linguistics communities as well as for the general public. The corpus can be considered to be from the 21st century since most speeches have been written after 2001 and also because it includes a visualization interface providing synoptic overviews ordered chronologically, by speaker or by keyword as well as consequent accesses to the texts.
Topics Topic Detection & Tracking, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Other
Full paper A corpus of German political speeches from the 21st century
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