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Title Extending Search System based on Interactive Visualization for Speech Corpora
Authors Tomoko Ohsuga, Yuichi Ishimoto, Tomoko Kajiyama, Shunsuke Kozawa, Kiyotaka Uchimoto and Shuichi Itahashi
Abstract This paper describes a search system that we have developed specifically for speech corpus retrieval. It is difficult for speech corpus users to compare and select suitable corpora from the large number of various language resources in the world. It would be more convenient for users if each data center used a common specification system for describing its corpora. With the “Concentric Ring View (CRV) System” we proposed, users can search for speech corpora interactively and visually by utilizing the attributes peculiar to speech corpora. We have already proposed a set of specification attributes and items as the first step towards standardization, and we have added these attributes and items to the large-scale metadata database “SHACHI”, then we connected SHACHI to the CRV system and implemented it as a combined speech corpus search system.
Topics Speech Resource/Database, Lr Infrastructures And Architectures, Other
Full paper Extending Search System based on Interactive Visualization for Speech Corpora
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