Summary of the paper

Title Distributional Term Set Expansion
Authors Amaru Cuba Gyllensten and Magnus Sahlgren
Abstract This paper is a short empirical study of the performance of centrality and classification based iterative term set expansion methods for distributional semantic models. Iterative term set expansion is an interactive process using distributional semantics models where a user labels terms as belonging to some sought after term set, and a system uses this labeling to supply the user with new, candidate, terms to label, trying to maximize the number of positive examples found. While centrality based methods have a long history in term set expansion, we compare them to classification methods based on the the Simple Margin method, an Active Learning approach to classification using Support Vector Machines. Examining the performance of various centrality and classification based methods for a variety of distributional models over five different term sets, we can show that active learning based methods consistently outperform centrality based methods.
Topics Language Modelling, Document Classification, Text Categorisation, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.)
Full paper Distributional Term Set Expansion
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