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Title LREMap, a Song of Resources and Evaluation
Authors Riccardo Del Gratta, Sara Goggi, Gabriella Pardelli and Nicoletta Calzolari
Abstract After 8 years we revisit the LRE Map of Language Resources, introduced at LREC 2010, to try to get a picture of the field and its evolution as reflected by the creation and use of Language Resources. The purpose of the Map was in fact “to shed light on the vast amount of resources that represent the background of the research presented at LREC”. It also aimed at a “change of culture in the field, actively engaging each researcher in the documentation task about resources”. The data analysed here have been provided by the authors of several conferences during the phase of submission of papers, and contain information about ca. 7500 resources. We analysed the LRE Map data from many different viewpoints and the paper reports on the global picture, on different trends emerging from the diachronic perspective and finally on some comparisons between the 2 major conferences present in the Map: LREC and COLING.
Topics Other, Metadata, Lr Infrastructures And Architectures
Full paper LREMap, a Song of Resources and Evaluation
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