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Title Crowdsourcing-based Annotation of the Accounting Registers of the Italian Comedy
Authors Adeline Granet, Benjamin Hervy, Geoffrey Roman-Jimenez, Marouane Hachicha, Emmanuel Morin, Harold Mouchère, Solen Quiniou, Guillaume Raschia, Françoise Rubellin and Christian Viard-Gaudin
Abstract In this paper, we present a double annotation system for new handwritten historical documents. We have 25,250 pages of registers of the Italian Comedy of the 18th century containing a great variety and amount of information. A crowdsourcing platform has been set up in order to perform labeling and transcription of the documents. The main purpose is to grasp budget data from the all 18th century and to create a dedicated database for the domain's experts. In order to improve, help and accelerate the process, a parallel system has been designed to automatically process information. We focus on the titles field, segmenting them into lines and checking candidate transcripts. We have collected a base of 971 title lines.
Topics Crowdsourcing, Digital Libraries, Handwritten, Typewritten Document Recognition
Full paper Crowdsourcing-based Annotation of the Accounting Registers of the Italian Comedy
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